Source code for evalml.data_checks.data_check_message

"""Messages returned by a DataCheck, tagged by name."""

from evalml.data_checks.data_check_message_type import DataCheckMessageType

[docs]class DataCheckMessage: """Base class for a message returned by a DataCheck, tagged by name. Args: message (str): Message string. data_check_name (str): Name of the associated data check. message_code (DataCheckMessageCode, optional): Message code associated with the message. Defaults to None. details (dict, optional): Additional useful information associated with the message. Defaults to None. action_options (list, optional): A list of `DataCheckActionOption`s associated with the message. Defaults to None. """ message_type = None def __init__( self, message, data_check_name, message_code=None, details=None, action_options=None, ): self.message = message self.data_check_name = data_check_name self.message_code = message_code self.details = {"columns": None, "rows": None} if details is not None: self.details.update(details) self.action_options = action_options def __str__(self): """String representation of data check message, equivalent to self.message attribute.""" return self.message def __eq__(self, other): """Check for equality. Two DataCheckMessage objs are considered equivalent if all of their attributes are equivalent. Args: other: An object to compare equality with. Returns: bool: True if the other object is considered an equivalent data check message, False otherwise. """ return ( self.message_type == other.message_type and self.message == other.message and self.data_check_name == other.data_check_name and self.message_code == other.message_code and self.details == other.details and self.action_options == other.action_options )
[docs] def to_dict(self): """Return a dictionary form of the data check message.""" message_dict = { "message": self.message, "data_check_name": self.data_check_name, "level": self.message_type.value, "details": self.details, } if self.message_code is not None: message_dict.update({"code":}) action_options_dict = [] if self.action_options: for action_option in self.action_options: action_options_dict.append(action_option.to_dict()) message_dict.update({"action_options": action_options_dict}) return message_dict
[docs]class DataCheckError(DataCheckMessage): """DataCheckMessage subclass for errors returned by data checks.""" message_type = DataCheckMessageType.ERROR """DataCheckMessageType.ERROR"""
[docs]class DataCheckWarning(DataCheckMessage): """DataCheckMessage subclass for warnings returned by data checks.""" message_type = DataCheckMessageType.WARNING """DataCheckMessageType.WARNING"""