Source code for evalml.data_checks.data_check_action_code

"""Enum for data check action code."""

from enum import Enum

from evalml.utils import classproperty

[docs]class DataCheckActionCode(Enum): """Enum for data check action code.""" DROP_COL = "drop_col" """Action code for dropping a column.""" DROP_ROWS = "drop_rows" """Action code for dropping rows.""" IMPUTE_COL = "impute_col" """Action code for imputing a column.""" TRANSFORM_TARGET = "transform_target" """Action code for transforming the target data.""" REGULARIZE_AND_IMPUTE_DATASET = "regularize_and_impute_dataset" """Action code for regularizing and imputing all features and target time series data.""" SET_FIRST_COL_ID = "set_first_col_id" """Action code for setting the first column as an id column.""" @classproperty def _all_values(cls): return {code.value.upper(): code for code in list(cls)} def __str__(self): """String representation of the DataCheckActionCode enum.""" datacheck_action_code_dict = { "drop_col", "drop_rows", "impute_col", "transform_target", "regularize_and_impute_dataset", "set_first_col_id", } return datacheck_action_code_dict[]