Source code for evalml.data_checks.data_check_action

"""Recommended action returned by a DataCheck."""

from evalml.data_checks.data_check_action_code import DataCheckActionCode
from evalml.data_checks.utils import handle_data_check_action_code

[docs]class DataCheckAction: """A recommended action returned by a DataCheck. Args: action_code (str, DataCheckActionCode): Action code associated with the action. data_check_name (str): Name of data check. metadata (dict, optional): Additional useful information associated with the action. Defaults to None. """ def __init__(self, action_code, data_check_name, metadata=None): self.action_code = handle_data_check_action_code(action_code) self.data_check_name = data_check_name self.metadata = {"columns": None, "rows": None} if metadata is not None: self.metadata.update(metadata) def __eq__(self, other): """Check for equality. Two DataCheckAction objs are considered equivalent if all of their attributes are equivalent. Args: other: An object to compare equality with. Returns: bool: True if the other object is considered an equivalent data check action, False otherwise. """ attributes_to_check = ["action_code", "data_check_name", "metadata"] for attribute in attributes_to_check: if getattr(self, attribute) != getattr(other, attribute): return False return True
[docs] def to_dict(self): """Return a dictionary form of the data check action.""" action_dict = { "code":, "data_check_name": self.data_check_name, "metadata": self.metadata, } return action_dict
[docs] @staticmethod def convert_dict_to_action(action_dict): """Convert a dictionary into a DataCheckAction. Args: action_dict: Dictionary to convert into action. Should have keys "code", "data_check_name", and "metadata". Raises: ValueError: If input dictionary does not have keys `code` and `metadata` and if the `metadata` dictionary does not have keys `columns` and `rows`. Returns: DataCheckAction object from the input dictionary. """ if "code" not in action_dict or "metadata" not in action_dict: raise ValueError( "The input dictionary should have the keys `code` and `metadata`.", ) if ( "columns" not in action_dict["metadata"] or "rows" not in action_dict["metadata"] ): raise ValueError( "The metadata dictionary should have the keys `columns` or `rows`. Set to None if not using.", ) return DataCheckAction( action_code=DataCheckActionCode._all_values[action_dict["code"]], metadata=action_dict["metadata"], data_check_name=( action_dict["data_check_name"] if "data_check_name" in action_dict else None ), )